A Better Laundry Detergent: All Natural Soap


Have you ever looked at the ingredients that are listed and labeled out on the back of your laundry detergent? Many laundry detergents include harmful and even toxic chemicals, like phosphates, surfactants and even bleach.

  • Phosphates are actually really dangerous for the environment, not just our bodies and our skin. Recent studies have shown some pretty devastating effects of phosphates on water-based ecosystem, indiscriminately killing off both fish and plants.
  • Surfactants is a catch-all label for a lot of abrasive chemicals and compounds the do the hard work of getting the grease out of clothes, etc. The only problem is that the way that surfactants operate is that they rob the water of oxygen, which works to clean your clothes, but continues as a pollutant once it goes down the drain.
  • Bleach is bleach. It's super abrasive, harmful to breathe, bad for your skin and bad for pretty much anything and everything.

Whether you're actively transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, going green, or looking for a detergent that doesn't irritate your skin, there are plenty of alternative all natural soap alternatives available.

Here at Alchemy of Sol, our Lavender Washing Powder is a sustainable alternative to mass-market laundry detergents and best of all, it's local. The washing powder is great for sensitive skin. It's biodegradable, vegetarian, and it doesn't have any petroleum detergent bi-products.

For those of us who actively working toward reducing our negative environmental impact, you should know that all natural washing powders are better for the water supply, septic safe, reduce plastic packaging and best of all, it doesn't kill fish or plants. That's a good thing.

Our all-purpose, low-sudsing Lavender Washing Powder is safe for high-efficiency or top-loading washing machines. All it takes is one good, heavy, heaping tablespoon of washing powder and you're all set to wash your clothes. There's no need to add any thing else.

If you're looking for all natural washing powder in the Nashville area, you can pick up a bag of our washing powder from Cosmic Connections, The Green Wagon, or find us at our local markets.