Washing Powder


Washing Powder


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No itchy detergent residue. Great for sensitive skin. Biodegradable. Vegetarian. No petroleum detergent bi-products.

Our all-purpose, low-sudsing washing powder is safe for high-efficiency or top-loaders… Just use a heaping tablespoon. No need to add anything else.

Borax, Baking Soda and pure essential oils say “sweet dreams.” Gentle enough to scrub out tubs, tiles, sinks, etc.

Comes in a 3.5 lb bag

THIS PRODUCT IS EXCLUDED FROM FREE SHIPPING INCENTIVES UNLESS STATED. PLEASE ORDER SEPARATELY IF YOU ARE APPLYING FREE SHIPPING CODES. This product may be shipped flat rate… We can fit 4 bags of washing powder in one large flat-rate box!

Weight: 3lbs 7oz. 

Size: 9" L - 5" W - 2.5" D

If you're planning on picking up your order locally, enter the coupon code LOCALPICKUP at the checkout screen for free shipping! Free Shipping excludes washing powder unless stated.

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