Lavender Soy Votive Candle


Lavender Soy Votive Candle


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Relaxing. Calming. Healing. 

Perfect before bed time, cranky babies, spa escapes.

Far away places. Adventure. Romance.

The Purest Candles. Alchemy Of Sol Candles are handmade with CERTIFIED Non-GMO Soy. Soy candles burn cleaner and longer. We hand pour our candles using only pure essential oils and cotton wicks. Our candles are poured in recycled glass. Due to availability, the container may alter from frosted to clear. Thank you for your understanding. No synthetic fragrance, colors, zinc or petroleum fumes. Our candles are guaranteed to burn.

Burns approximately 35-40 hours. 

Weight: 14oz. 

Size: 3.75" L - 2.75" D

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