Eucalyptus Bath Salt


Eucalyptus Bath Salt


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Please note: Our fragrant bath salts are currently shipped in an emerald green container. xoxo

Alchemy of Sol Bath Salts are a special blend of solar and purified salts. They are specially formulated to retain the active properties of essential oils. No synthetic colors or fragrance, just beautiful salt crystals. Our salts are extremely concentrated and will not leave a residue.

Salts come packaged in a beautiful 22oz cobalt blue bottle made especially for essential oils. Our packaging insures no exposure to sunlight.

Note: Add a handful to the foot of the tub. Add a teaspoon of Eucalyptus salts to a cup of a hot steamy water and inhale.

Weight: 1lb 5oz.

Size: 3.5" L - 3" D

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